About Us

“Countless unseen details are the difference between the mundane and the magnificent.”

We at the Marilyn Johnson Sewing Design Studio take this phrase to heart and it is reflected in our work. Located in Laurel, Maryland, we are the ideal studio for all of your sewing and design needs. We provide a variety of services such as custom wedding dresses, costume creations, and clothing alterations of all types. If time is a factor, we provide costume rentals for individuals and groups. For those interested in bringing their own creations to life, we also offer sewing classes in studio.

In addition to our other services, the Marilyn Johnson studio provides costumes and props for parties and events outside of the studio. In studio, we hold events like our silk scarf painting parties, and even a class for boy or girl scouts seeking their sewing or other related badges. Check out our Services page for a full listing of all the events plus more.

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Marilyn Johnson

As far back as I can remember my fingers have itched to make things. So, I do! I’ve dabbled in all sorts of arts and crafts, acquiring skills and mastering techniques along the way, but my first, longest and most enduring love is sewing/designing. My grandmother put the first threaded needle in my hands when I was about seven years old and taught me some simple embroidery stitches. Since then I have wanted to gobble up anything and everything to do with fabric and fashion.

You can read more about my story here.

Marilyn Johnson Owner, Founder