September’s Bride of the Month: Sa...

How Marilyn turned a one piece Wedding Gown to a two piece ensemble! Samantha is our bride of the month because her project was so unique. Our team has re-worked and re-designed wedding gowns before, but Samantha’s dress was quite an interesting challenge. A lot of money goes into a wedding gown only for itRead more

6 Tips To Prepare You For Your 1st Brida...

  So, you’ve found your dream wedding gown, but it needs a few final touches to fit perfectly. Whether it be something major like bustling the train, or something as simple as adding snaps, wedding gowns almost always need alterations. Here are 6 tips to help you prepare for your wedding gown alterations:   1.Read more

#FeatureFriday: A Bride Re-Designing Her...

One of the most exciting projects we get at the Studio are wedding gown re-designs. A client brings in a family member’s wedding gown (usually their mom’s) and updates it with their own personal style while creating a special legacy for a treasured dress. Our most recent client and her mom (pictured above) first stopped by inRead more

#FeatureFriday: Maria’s Favorite S...

Continuing my “Favorite Project Survey,” I spoke to Maria this week about her favorite garment to work on and what her most enjoyable project was at the Studio. Q: Which type of garment do you enjoy working on most? Maria: Menswear Q: Why do you prefer working on these types of garments? Is there aRead more

#FeatureFriday: Corset Backs

One of the projects in the workroom this week involves a wedding gown that needs a corset back installed. We have this type of project quite often whether it’s because the dress doesn’t quite exactly fit or it’s a personal preference. Either way, it’s a great way to add a little more wiggle room, yetRead more

#FeatureFriday Spring 2016 Wedding Gown ...

Wedding season is starting up again and the Studio has been getting several new wedding dress alteration and re-design requests every week! It’s always interesting to see the gowns that come in because each year has their own respective trend. After the success of last year’s trend report on bridal gowns (read here), I decidedRead more

5 Iconic (but very different) Wedding Ou...

  Since it’s wedding season, today’s Feature Friday will highlight a few iconic (but very different) wedding wear choices by women. Not everyone follows the usual white dress and that’s okay, because it’s great to show our individuality. Below are 5 of the most iconic, nontraditional wedding outfits brought to you by #1 MarilynRead more

Feature Friday: Bridal Season

  As you know, wedding and prom season is here! This means many, many, many dresses! We currently have 30 gowns in the Studio and more coming in next week! For this weeks Feature Friday, I decided to talk with Brittany, the Workroom Supervisor, about what trends are in this year and what it’s likeRead more

Friday Flashback: Bridal Gown

Whenever the studio re-designs a garment, (and gets permission to post the photos, of course :)) we will feature it on our “Flashback Friday” entry with the original garment and the re-designed one so you can see what’s going on in the studio! Today’s first “flashback” features a client from a couple weeks ago whoRead more

Brittany’s Wedding Dress Roundup

(For more reading, see Meghan’s dress update experience, our first and second installments of wedding saga, and what we wore to each others’ weddings.)  My husband and I have been together since we were 19, eight years, so the “when are you getting married?” question was not new to us.  I knew we would be together forever and at some point thereRead more