Farewell! | The Marilyn Johnson Sewing Design Studio, LLC

Hello Everyone,
Ashley here. Administrative assistant and author of this blog for the past two years. Today is my last day at the Studio. I have been offered another job at a company with tremendous growth opportunity and therefore, I decided it was time for me to move on.

I started working here in October of 2014 – a huge door had opened into the garment making and costume rental world. I knew very little about sewing, pattern making, and even a sewing machine at that! But luckily my job was at the front of house – helping clients, updating social media and the website, managing costume rentals, marketing, and anything else related to customer service and just making sure things were running smoothly.

I met a lot of people and made a lot of friends here along the way, both with employees and clients. I will miss them greatly but thank goodness for technology as we can always keep in touch no matter where our paths may take us.

I would say one of the most enjoyable memories I have of the Studio are the bridal clients I’ve met since I’ve been here. By the time of the bride’s last fitting, she was smiling and feeling on top of the world which was always a lovely emotion to witness. She had her dream dress, exactly how she wanted it to be. Some brides would send photos after the wedding and that was another exciting part, to see all the beautiful photos expressing each couples individual style. The photography was always amazing, the pictures were filled with joy, and I saw some of the most beautiful flower arrangements ever. It inspired me to create the bridal ads you may have seen in magazines and social media.

I learned so much from working here. When I shop for clothing now, I pay attention to how it was sewed, if it has seam allowance, and the quality of the material it’s made from. I learned that if you are buying a dress and will need it hemmed, avoid chiffon if possible because it’s one of the most expensive to hem. Dress hems are the one thing I managed to remember (and fully understand!) from the price book and I probably won’t ever forget!

Thank You to readers for your likes, shares, and topic suggestions. Thank you to all the clients that kept in touch, sent photos, and became friends. And most importantly, thank you to the staff for the past two years.

My final photo with the group. 12/15/2016 From left to right: Me, Karen, JJ, Maria (middle), Marilyn, Fara, Ashley C., and Kara.