#FeatureFriday Catching Up With Deneen! | The Marilyn Johnson Sewing Design Studio, LLC

Happy Friday! Today I’m introducing yet another new monthly blog series called “Catching Up With…” which will feature a former intern, stitcher, or employee of the Studio and what they have been up to in their fashion and/or costume design field since!

We open this blog series today with a former intern, Deneen, who joined us in the summer of 2015. Deneen is currently a senior at Stevenson University and is majoring in Fashion Design.

Q: You were an intern at The Marilyn Johnson Studio for two months during the summer of 2015. Think back to that time. List some particular projects that you worked on during your internship that really taught you a lot about fashion design and sewing.

Deneen: One of the first projects I worked on in the shop was sewing snaps onto jabows. At the time, I had no idea how vital that skill would be to me. I learned how to securely fasten the snap so there was no possible way for the snap to come off. This seemingly minor sewing skill became extremely important in executing my junior collection.

Also during my time at the studio, I had the extreme pleasure taking a zipper out a Vera Wang wedding gown. From the day I stepped foot in the studio, I hoped I would get to work on a Vera Wang dress. Because of this project, I learned about the inner workings of a wedding gown. This was extremely valuable and important to me because I want to break into the wedding industry.

Q: How would you say the skills you developed during your internship helped you afterwards?

Deneen: All the skills I obtained at the studio have proven to be very helpful. I use several skills such as beading that I learned in the studio every day. The biggest takeaway I received was learning the difference between a well-constructed garment and a poorly constructed garment. In every garment I make, I aim to have a solid and neat construction.


Q: Since your summer internship, you’ve completed your junior year of college and now you’re a senior! Tell us about some of the fashion projects you’ve taken on, events you were a part of, and awards and recognition you received.

Deneen: As a junior, it was part of our curriculum to create a 3 piece collection based off of an art movement. I chose gothic architecture. That was a very exciting project for me because that was my first collection that I produced. I also was co-producer of Stevenson University’s annual fashion show last year. It was really great and rewarding experience.

For my senior collection, I will be designing a mixed bridal collection entitled “Shore Thing”. I am beyond extremely excited to finally work on my senior collection. Also, next month, I will be inducted into the Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society. This honor society honors Fashion Design students as well as Fashion Merchandising students. I am completely honored and humbled to have been considered for this opportunity.


Q: What are your goals as you finish up your last year of college?

Deneen: For senior year, my goal is to work hard and to enjoy my final college year. I have put a lot of time and effort into my craft and I am so thankful to see my hard work finally paying off. I also hope to have a job secured on the fashion industry before I graduate. That is indeed my ultimate goal.

 We are so happy to hear about all your projects and accomplishments! Congratulations Deneen, you deserve it! We miss you here at the Studio!