#FeatureFriday Fashion Trend Series #3 | The Marilyn Johnson Sewing Design Studio, LLC

It’s time for the third edition of my Fashion Trend Series! This month features the style of actor Scott Speedman!

As soon as you search Google Images for “Scott Speedman,” you are instantly met with a laid back, casual style. The second thing you realize is that it’s very likely his favorite color is blue. Somehow he always incorporates the color in nearly every outfit he wears! He’ll even layer different shades of blue together.

His runner-up colors? Green and Gray. But blue has a very significant lead.

His Style: Keeping it Simple

Most Likely to See Him Wearing: Lots and lots and lots of blue. T-shirts, Long Sleeve Button-Up Shirts (with the sleeves rolled up) and Jeans are his main staple. If he wears a suit, it will be plain and simple – usually a shade of blue or gray.

Check out his love for blue below:

Have a celebrity suggestion for next month’s Fashion Trend Series? Let me know!