#FeatureFriday Fashion Trends Part II | The Marilyn Johnson Sewing Design Studio, LLC

It’s time for the second edition of my Fashion Trend Series! This month features the style of Alicia Keys.

As soon as you search Google Images for “Alicia Keys Fashion,” you are instantly met with bold, solid garments in nearly every outfit she wears – especially on the red carpet! Sometimes you’ll see her wearing a print (but not often) and there is always a bold color involved, somewhere! Sometimes she’ll mix it up a bit by wearing a block print or combining two solid colors.

Her Style: Classy with a Pop! All about the bold solids.

Most Likely to See Her Wearing: Any solid color! She wears black, white, royal blue, red, and mustard yellow the most.

Most Likely Her Favorite Fashion Trend: Keep it simple. Go solid and accessorize!

Alicia is definitely all about accessorizing. She makes great use of belts, jackets, and the occasional piece of jewelry that really makes the outfit. She is also all about high heels. And now she’s starting a new trend – natural beauty, no makeup!

What do you think of her style?