September's Bride of the Month: Samantha | The Marilyn Johnson Sewing Design Studio, LLC

How Marilyn turned a one piece Wedding Gown to a two piece ensemble!

Samantha is our bride of the month because her project was so unique. Our team has re-worked and re-designed wedding gowns before, but Samantha’s dress was quite an interesting challenge. A lot of money goes into a wedding gown only for it to be worn once and tossed away into the abyss of a closet or storage room. Samantha thought of the perfect way to wear her dress again — re-design it to become a skirt.

Marilyn’s details:

“Samantha wanted the fun and joy of wearing her wedding gown again, but we all know that’s not practical. She came up with the idea of re-designing the gown into a skirt and corset. Many careful measurements later, we made the cuts, re-hemmed the (now) skirt to remove the train, reapplied the lace scallops and VIOLA!”

We were honored to work on this piece for you, Samantha!

Keep scrolling to see more pics of Samantha in her bridal skirt…




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