Production Assistance

The Marilyn Johnson Studio can offer assistance to directors, costume designers and dramaturgs in a number of ways:

  • Access to Marilyn’s research materials and expertise for period garments
  • Guidance and advice on options and sources available within the production’s budget including fabrics, trims, patterns, etc.
  • Guidance, advice, and processes for keeping track of all the details required to costume a cast and set up a dressing room

These services are billed in 15 minute increments with a 1 hour minimum of $45

  • Access to Studio facilities and equipment for costume production and alterations: your costumer may work here alone or with up to six assistants.

This service is billed by the half-hour with a 2 hour minimum at $90


With her extensive experience in costume design and theater costuming, Marilyn has developed a day-long seminar for those interested in developing their costuming knowledge.

She will walk you through how to read a script to determine the necessary costumes, develop an overall style, and complete the final product!